The Engadin Skimarathon-2019!

The start of race of 13,800 racers! Can’t wait!

The “Engadiner”, is the largest cross-country skiing event in Switzerland and the second largest worldwide. It is a meeting point for the world’s elite and this is the 51styear. There will be 14,200 skiers skiing from Maloja to S-Chanf, a total of 42 kms. There are 27 Canadians of which 10 are from Ottawa/Gatineau and 3 of the 27 are women. Girls where are you? We start at 1800m and end up at 1670m and ski along some large lakes. It’s primarily flat with some short climbs and one very tricky downhill into Pontresina that winds through the Staz forest. The trees are all padded with orange foam. You are allowed to walk down along the marked footpath if you wish. We are super excited!! All of our clothes are laid out and we’re getting up at 5:30, breakfast at 6:15 and on the bus to the start at 6:45!!

The fastest time for the 42 kms. is 1:23:44 h set in 1998!
Start at the top, on the lakes, through St.Moritz and along the valley floor to S-Chanf (bottom left corner).

It’s going to be so much fun!! Hopefully we can get back to our hotel with lots of time to enjoy the amazing co-ed sauna/steam bath spa! P.s. No one wears clothes- it’s a very revealing experience!!

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