The Engadine Night Race/Nachtlauf!

The night of Thursday March, 7thwe raced the Night Race! It was 17 kms from Sils Maria to Pontresina. It was an unbelievably cool experience. We took the bus that was filled with skiers from St. Moritz to the start in Sils Maria. The snow was coming down like crazy and I used one of Ross’s O.R. coats to stay dry while standing in the start block. The course was lit with huge candles and we had to wear headlamps. There were 810 skiers with six different live bands along the way and so many spectators standing around fires cheering us on. It was so cool looking ahead and seeing the line of headlamps in the distance. About half way the snow stopped and you could see the stars; which was really nice as the downhills were super glazed and fast. The downhill slalom course through the trees was very hairy but I managed to stay upright. It’ll be super crazy on Sunday’s race. We both went pretty hard! Ross finished in 55 minutes (38thin his age group) and I did it on one hour 13 minutes (26thin my age group). We both loved the experience and were very happy with our results. p.s. We waxed our own skis and they were perfect.Now we have another Worldloppet short course stamp for our passport.

On our way to the start. We were there super early!
The local hockey rink- not too large!

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