A Ski Day in Lillehammer!

We went into the village to get a new iron, some wax and also found some amazing studded running shoes called Ice Bugs that are made in Sweden. We ended up wearing them home. It’s so icy when walking here as they don’t use salt or gravel for environmental reasons. The boys went into town to the local grocery store to shop up for our dinner party.

John and Paul started cooking early so that we were prepared for our dinner guests. Neil Bell, Sherri Audet and Peter Ostrom were coming over.

Tacos and sweet potato fries are on the menu.
A house in town painted what seems to be one of the most popular house colours along with black.
No soccer for a while except for at the heated outdoor soccer fields which are a beautiful green contrast right now.

Next on the agenda a ski, of course!

We discovered that we could take the bus to Sjusjoen right at the bottom of our street so we went up there again. This time the bus was filled with skiers and students.

Waiting for the bus!
What a beautiful day!
Forgot this one- the white building, second floor on the left is or apartment! It’s working our perfectly.
The top of the big downhill!

At. the end of our ski we skied right over to Hakons Hall to pick up our race kits and then skied right back to our door. It’s just so neat! The ski trails right around us are groomed for walker/ runners/bikers, skate skiing and classic skiing. See the picture below.

And they’re lit at night!

Peter, Neil and Sherri came over around 7 pm and we had a wonderful time. I was finally able to give them their neck warmers that I had made. John and Paul really cooked up a great meal and Sherri made a delicious apple crisp. It was a great evening with lots of laughs. Not too much nervousness about the race/event yet.

We are all really excited about the Birkie! So far weather looks great-might just be a little warm towards the finish. Ross and I are going with wax skis. Not so sure about the others yet. They are still deciding.

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