A New Year, A New Tour!

The winter of 2020 has finally arrived and we are so excited to continue on our quest to become World Loppet Gold masters! Our trip begins on Monday January 20 and we will travel to Italy for the Marcialonga Loppet, Germany for the Konig Ludwig Lauf Loppet and the Czech Republic for the Cez Jiserska Loppet! Seven loppets in 17 days. Can’t wait to ski our hearts out!

The Lavazeloppet 22 km classic race and the Marcialonga 70km classic races

König Ludwig Lauf Short, 21 km skate race and the Long Ludwig Lauf long, 5o km classic races

Volkswagon Bedrichovska 30 km skate race, Hervis Jizerska 25 classic race and the Cez Jiserska 50 km classic races

Let the journey begin!

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