Skiing up at Passo Lavaze-January 22,2020

Here are a few pictures of our village of Carano. As you can see it sure doesn’t look like there’s any cross country skiing around here but up at the Passo Lavaze is a whole different scene!

Now for the skiing !!!!!

We woke up to a gorgeous, bright, sunny day with a temperature of about -4 at the pass and 0 degrees at our apartment.  There is no snow on the ground in Carano but some on the mountain tops in the distance. Hard to believe that we are actually going to be able to cross country ski at all. The four of us headed up to the Passo Lavaze and I was so shocked to see the trail system and the number of cross country skiers on the plateau at between 1600m to 1880m. There are bars/ristorants/hotels and lodges. The skiing was unbelievable and we covered about 16 km of rolling terrain with spectacular views. The “apocalyptic” windstorm of 2018 has blown down an incredible number of the trees so the jagged mountain tops are in plain view. After our ski we picked up our race bibs for the 43 rd edition of the Lavazeloppet which is a short Worldloppet short course of 22 km being held tomorrow morning. It’ll be a great first race- we’re excited!!!

It’s just so spectacular! We love it here!
There are over 80 km of trails!
A lot of double poling around here!
One of the few trees that’s still standing after the storm.
How’s this for a nice place to take a break?
Winter triathlon training. Here it’s ski , bike and run!
Hope you are enjoying my blog and get to come skiing here some time soon!
This will be the finish of the Lavazeloppet race tomorrow! Can’t wait!

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