Rest, Recovery and Rainy Day- February 3, 2020

Today was a take it easy day! It was pouring rain and didn’t stop until 9 pm. I walked to the bakery to get breakfast treats, we repacked all of our bags and relaxed.  We drove up to Linderhof castle which was really nice to see as the Konig Ludwig Lauf Loppet would have had us ski right past it. Now there is no snow and there are huge puddles/lakes of water everywhere you look! Tomorrow we will drive to see my brother, Matthew and his family in Tetin, Czech Republic which is 20 minutes south of  downtown Praha and then onto Liberec for the Cez Jiserska Worldloppet races. It will be so nice to see them all!

King Ludwig’s Linderhof castle
This is where the water fountains are in the summer.

It was a super relaxing day and now we’re getting excited about the Cez Jiserska Worldloppet races in the Czech Republic. We are also praying for snow and colder temperatures there. Right now it’s looking questionable whether they’ll be able to run the races. Time to do the snow dance and say a few prayers! The organizers think that it’s going to work out!!

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