Last day of our European Tour and then home for the Gatineau Loppet!- February 9, 2020

Hard to believe that today is our last day! We both slept really well at Tetin and got up to see the girls off to school. Vincent has the week off of school and on Friday they are all heading to St. Anton for a ski week. Matthew took Ross, Greg and I on a little drive to Karlstejn castle that is 10 km down the road from the house. It was built by King Charles IV in 1348 to store the Bohemian/Czech Crown Jewels, holy relics and other royal treasures. It is the most frequently visited castle in the Czech Republic. Unfortunately, since it was a Monday the castle itself was closed and since Ross has never seen inside we’ll do that next time we come over.

The view from the golf course.
The town of Karlstejn.

Afterwards we packed up and drove into Beroun to have a good bye lunch all together before heading to Munich. It has been a fantastic trip! The skiing was incredible, the races so much fun and the time with my family here so special! 

These are Ross’s momentos from our trip. Mine are all the same except I didn’t do the Volkswagen Bedrichovska 30 km skate race.
What an amazing Worldloppet European Tour!! This weekend we are skiing in the Gatineau Loppet which is the Canadian Worldloppet race. We’ll ski in the 50 km classic on Saturday and the 50 km skate on Sunday. It’s in Gatineau which is very close to Ottawa, our home town.

We have totally enjoyed our journey on the trails to becoming Worldloppet Gold masters and already have plans for the near future. In April this year we will head to Iceland to ski in the Fossavatnsgangan Worldloppet. Next winter we will head to the Worldloppet in Estonia, Finland and Poland where we will hopefully receive our Gold masters! This means we will have completed 10 main Worldloppet races in 10 countries and 2 continents. We just love the skiing, the events, the people we meet, living in Europe and the travels. Already can’t wait for next winter!

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