Addio Italia! Hallo Bavaria, Germany!-January 27th,2020

Today we drove from Italy to Oberammergau, Germany and it’s a rest/recovery day! It really is incredible how little snow there is here and how warm it is. We drove through Ettal and stopped in at the Ettal Abbey which was built in 1330.

The monks still live there. It has a brewery and a distillery where they make beer and different types of liqueurs using the same recipes since the 1300’s. We bought a few to try.
The Gothic church was built between 1330 and 1370.
Our new home for 8 nights. Very comfy.

Our new home is super comfy, large and extremely well equipped. The kitchen has every gadget and appliance known to man and it also has a nice pellet stove. It’s about a 3 minute walk to the zentrum of Oberammergau.

It has a meat slicer and laundry too!

Oberammergau is known for it’s wood carving and painted houses. There are so many wood carving shops with shelves lined with hundreds of carvings, mostly religious. This schwein cutting board caught our eye and we bought a beautiful linden wood bird carving to bring home.

This one is called the Little Red Riding Hood house.

It’s going to be a great place to stay. There would normally being some great “langlauf” (cross-country skiing) here as it’s part of the Ammergauer Alpen. We are about 12 km north of Garmisch-Partenkirchen. We will drive to Austria to ski in the Oympiaregion Seefeld, which is only about an hour away. We have decided to do the Toblach-Dobbacio-Cortina races in Italy this weekend, we will stay there for two nights. The 42km classic is on Saturday and the 32 km skate is on Sunday!

We are keeping our fingers crossed that there will be enough snow for the Cez Jiserska Worldloppet next weekend in the Czech Republic! Can’t wait to see my family there!

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