A Ski Day at Leutasch in the Seefeld Olympiaregion- January 28,2020

Today we drove southeast to Leutasch which is about an hour away. It’s part of the Seefeld Oympiaregion. They do a fair amount of snow farming if snow is lacking in the vulnerable places on the trails, making it a perfect place to ski!

There are over 245 kilometres of immaculately groomed, beautiful trails for both skating and classic.

The sky is starting to darken!
The backdrop is spectacular!

All of a sudden the sky got darker, it started to snow heavily and the winds were gusting to about 80 km/hr! We couldn’t see a thing and I even got blown off the track. We were freezing and luckily only had about 4 or 5 km to the car. We were so relieved to get back and it was a great reminder of how the weather can change in an instant in the mountains!

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