A day in Murnau for me and a ski day at Leutasch for Ross- January 29th, 2020

I’m still pretty tired from the Marcialonga so I’m taking an easy day. In particular I have pretty bad tendonitis in my right forearm so best to take a day off of skiing today. Ross on the other hand is going for a skate ski in Leutasch. I’m going to take the train north form Oberammergau to the town of Murnau to explore.

As I sat down on the train an older gentleman across from me opened a beer and it was only 10:30 am. Upon arriving, I followed a path towards the centre and then I befriended a nice man that lived in Murnau. He took me to the Main Street and to the visitor centre while pointing out the main points of interest. It was a very pretty town so I sauntered around and looked in the nice shops for a while then headed back to Oberammergau to do some more exploring. It was a really nice little excursion.

Murnau Main Street
In Murnau Wednesday is market day.

While I was taking it easy Ross ended up doing a 37 km skate ski in the heavy snowfall up at Leutasch!

No views today! Just lots of fresh snow!

On his ski he found some even nicer trails up near Moos so tomorrow we’ll start skiing from there. It’s suppose to be sunny so the views will be more spectacular. There are just so many places to ski! Everywhere you go around here people are skiing, either cross country or downhill. Next trip here we’d love to downhill too!

Tonight we met Robert, Grant and couple from Edmonton for a traditional Bavarian dinner at the Post Hotel. We talked about our plans for the Toblach/Dobbiaco-Cortina race this coming weekend. It’s our alternate race(s) since the Konig Ludwig Lauf in Germany was cancelled due to a lack of snow. We really hope that we can all do something about climate change.

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