Skiing the dream at Seefeld in the brilliant sunshine!- January 30th,2020

Today we drove to the village of Moos in the Seefeld Olympiaregion in Austria. We will try some new trails today, there are 245 km to choose from. It was a “bluebird day” with temperatures of about 0 degrees and lots of fresh snow. What else could anyone who loves skiing ask for? It was a picture perfect day so here are lots of beautiful photos. So many to choose from. Enjoy the show!

On a day like this you just want to ski from sunrise to sunset!
Oh what a day!
There are also about 200 km of walking trails and they’re wide enough for horse drawn sleigh rides.

There are numerous lodges for both the winter walkers and the skiers. They sure know how to enjoy the great outdoors here!

You’re allowed dogs on the walking trails and they plow them but leave a nice hard packed snow base. Seeing the daschund reminded me of my childhood as we always had many a wiener dog around.
A glorious day!
Ross is just loving this lifestyle! Me too!
I keep looking behind me to see the views!
A lovely downhill to the car! What a fabulous day!

We can’t wait to come back to this area again! Tomorrow we will leave in the morning for Toblach-Dobiacco, Italy for the weekend! We will ski in the 43rd edition of the Toblach-Dobiacco-Cortina Ski Marathon. Should be beautiful to ski in the Dolomites!

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