Travel day from Oberammergau, Germany to Toblach-Dobiacco Italy-January 31,2020

The snow that we got a few days ago has all melted away and it’s 10 degrees today. Crazy weather! It was a good thing that they cancelled the Konig Ludwig Lauf Loppet. There is no snow except for high up in the mountains now. The drive, once again, took us over the spectacular Brenner pass and the mountains were snow capped. The downhill ski areas were very apparent from the band of white artificial snow coming down the mountains in an otherwise brown landscape.

On the road again! Over Brenner Pass!

We are super excited to ski in a new area and it will be so nice to be back in the Dolomites where we love to bike. Last summer we rode a loop from Cortina that encompassed part of the ski course. We are looking forward to seeing it in the winter.

It’s always so cool to ski in a point to point race! We start in Toblach-Dobbiaco and ski south over the Cimabanche pass and down into Cortina.
The starts always make me a little nervous. Don’t want to fall or break a pole!

Once we arrived we went to pick up our race kits and check out the expo! I ended up going to the booth with this mannequin in front.

I laughed when I saw this at the Marcialonga expo and now I’m needing it. I’m not laughing now!

I ended up getting the arm/ wrist brace as my right arm is still really sore from the Marcialonga. I plan on wearing this all the time, especially when I’m skiing! Hopefully it’ll help. Then we headed to our weekend apartment at the Casa Rosa in Villabassa, just outside of Toblach/Dobiacco to wax skis and get ready!

Ross can always find a place to wax!!

We had our usual pre-race pasta dinner and headed to bed for a 6 am wake up! The trail should be spectacular and hopefully the track will hold up for the 42 km classic. There are only about 2000 racers so it should. Forecast is for clear blue skis with a low of -5 and a high of plus 10! Oh, it’s going be fantastic!

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