Travel from Tetin to Liberec, Czech Republic and the history of the Jizerska 50-February 5, 2020

Today we learnt that all of the races will go as originally planned because the snow gods listened and brought us lots of snow and cooler temperatures. We are very relieved as the idea of doing loops and skiing a shortened version of the 50 km at 10 pm at night was not too appealing.

We drove up to the stadium at Bedrichov which will be the start and finish for all of the events. Ross will ski in the 30 km skate on Friday, the 25 km classic on Saturday and the 50 km classic on Sunday. I’m going to ski in the 25 km classic on Saturday against my brothers and the 50 km classic on Sunday.

As it turns out it was green everywhere here yesterday, and today is the first day of skiing this year! They got about 50 cm of snow in few days-thank goodness! We went for a 10 km ski in the beautiful trails through the forest. The place is a beehive of activity with everyone getting ready for the big races or just out enjoying the snow.

The map like most things here are incomprehensible! Czech is such difficult language.
Matthew’s company Johnnyservis is everywhere you look!
Even the port-a-potties!

As a matter of fact the tents, the flooring, the fencing etc. are supplied by his company.

This photo leads me into the history of the Jizerska 50!


The Jizerska 50 dates back to 1968, when the first race took place as part of winter preparations by mountaineers for their upcoming season. Some of the races founding members went on a training expedition to Peru in 1970. Fourteen of the members lost their lives in a rock avalanche on Peru’s Huascarian Mountain and one died the day before. Since that time the race has been referred to as the Peru Expedition Memorial and a remembrance of the climbers has become an integral part of the ceremonial opening of the Jizerka 50.

Another memorial to the mountaineers on the trail.

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