Skiing at Bedrichov with Matthew- February 6, 2020

Today we drove the 20 minutes back up to Bedrichov to meet Matthew for a short ski and a quick little lesson as he has cross country skied less than 5 times in his life. He went and got himself all set up with Fischer everything! This picture shows his skis and the old ones he’s giving Greg to use that come with boots from the 1988 Sarajevo Olympics. I think Matthew will have a very good advantage! Hence Ross has decided to use his wax skis and will lend Greg his skin skis. This will even out the playing field between the two brothers.

We had a fabulous ski of about 6 km on the beautiful trails! Then Matthew headed to a meeting and we went to pick up all of our race kits. Our names are on the startlist below.

After we picked everything up we went to our apartment and Ross set up a make-shift wax bench then we met Matthew for a delicious traditional lunch of venison and gnocchi. After lunch Ross got to work on waxing his skis for the 30 km skate race tomorrow. I’ve decided not to ski that race so I can save myself for the 25 km and 50 km races. Ross has no limits for the amount of skiing he can do day after day. It’ll be 105 kilometres in 3 days.

Thank you Ross for always doing such an amazing job of waxing my ski perfectly and making them fast. You know exactly what to do and how to do it! Actually he’s also doing my brothers’ skis too.

Our apartment is the one with the light on.
It’s very pretty city with lots of large old houses.
The city hall is right across from us.
A city street with stores that very few people speak any English.

It was a fabulous day all round!

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