Jizerska 30 km skate day!-February 7, 2020

Today is the Volkswagen Bedrichovska 30 km skate race! Ross will race but I’m not going to as I want to save myself for the 25km classic with my brothers tomorrow and for the main race, the Jizerska 50 classic on Sunday.

When we left Liberec it was raining and once we got up to Bedrichov it was really foggy with a mix of snow and rain.

The start area bright and early!
The map and profile

Feels so strange that I’m not racing. The atmosphere of the whole event is fantastic! There’s music playing, lots of big screens, more blow ups than I’ve ever seen! Everywhere you look there are volunteers smiling and wearing bright orange Jizerska 50 hats.

This is what it looks like as you’re coming into the finish line for the skate race.
The warming hut before the race
The disposable surgeon’s gown is a perfect way to stay warm at the start line.
The starter is getting ready.
And the race is on!
You can see Ross with a reddish headband on the far side under the letters “lif”of the Volkswagen California banner.

Everything is super well organized. I got to see Ross start which was very cool. The course goes uphill steadily for about 4 km followed by a nice 2 km downhill but then a solid 6 km climb with more climbing than it looks on the profile. It was a hard day to see while on the course because of the fog and rain/snowy mix.

Ross found the pole track soft so it was hard to double pole and to pass people. He really liked the course and finished in one hour and 37 minutes. He was 130th overall out of 700 and 22nd in his age group (50-59)- amazing results!

Looking pretty happy!
Picture of the day!!!

It was a really nice treat to be able to watch the start and the finish as a spectator and to see Ross cross the finish line (since I always finish after Ross I never get to see him finish). Glad I took it easy before the 25km classic race with Matthew and Greg tomorrow. Can’t wait!

One thought on “Jizerska 30 km skate day!-February 7, 2020

  1. Congratulations to Ross. Looks like another great race.

    Good luck on the race with your brothers Marie – it is just so cool that you can do this together.



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